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"The interests of all people are so closely intertwined that in the immense majority of cases a straight-dealing person who by their efficiency, by their insenuity and industry, benefits oneself must also benefit others . Normally the person of great productive capacity who becomes rich by guiding the labor of others does so by enabling them to produce more than they could produce without his guidance; and both he and they share in the benefit, which comes also to the public at large. The superficial fact that the sharing may be unequal must never blind us to the underlying reality that there is this sharing, and that the benefit comes in some degree to each man concerned."

- Theodore Roosevelt

Our Team

Balbir Bhogal

For the past eleven years, Balbir Bhogal has focused on working with companies on all aspects of their immigration needs.  She has assisted companies in setting up programs as well as in the actual processing of cases. 

During her tenure with a well known international immigration firm, she provided guidance to clients on various matters including: lay-off issues, mergers and acquisitions, wage issues, and travel considerations for business travelers.  She has extensive experience with preparation and submission of H-1B petitions, L-1 blanket and individual petitions, J-1 applications and training programs, O-1 extraordinary ability petitions, TN applications, B-1 letters for travel and visa applications, and J-1 waivers of foreign residence requirements based on the skills list.

With the changing landscape of labor certification application processing, she worked closely with companies to help them understand the new PERM process and its requirements, set up PERM programs, and engage in the necessary recruitment to prepare and submit an application.  

Additionally, over the years, Ms. Bhogal has provided training to employers, employees and managers on various business immigration topics. 

Ms. Bhogal completed her undergraduate degree in Communication Studies at San Jose State University, graduating with Honors in 1991.  She completed her legal education at the University of California, Hastings College of Law, graduating with a Juris Doctorate in 1995.  She is an active member of the California State Bar Association, the American Immigration Lawyers Association and the South Asian Bar Association.